Pool Plumbing and Equipment

A properly functioning pool requires an intricate network of plumbing and equipment working together in harmony. At Titan Aquatics, we understand the importance of this underlying system and offer expert services to ensure your pool operates at peak efficiency.

Pool Plumbing

The hidden veins of your pool, the plumbing, are vitally important to the overall health and function of your pool. Issues with these can lead to substantial water loss and damage over time. That’s why we offer comprehensive plumbing services, including:

  • Pressure Testing: Our technicians can pressure test your underground lines to ensure they are sound and not leaking water. This testing can help identify any weaknesses or breaches in your pool’s plumbing.
  • Plumbing Repairs: If leaks or breaks are detected, we specialize in quick and efficient repairs to prevent further water loss and potential damage.

Pool Equipment

Your pool equipment is the heart of your pool system. From circulating the water to filtering out impurities, it’s crucial that every piece is functioning correctly. We provide services for:

  • Pumps: We can diagnose, repair, or replace your pool pump to ensure your water is circulating properly.
  • Filters: Our team can clean, repair, or replace your pool’s filter, promoting clean, clear water.
  • Heaters: We offer repairs and replacements for pool heaters, ensuring your pool is ready for a swim, regardless of the outside temperature.
  • Salt Water Conversions: If you’re considering a switch from a traditional chlorine pool, we offer salt water conversion services. Enjoy the gentle, soothing water of a salt water pool with our expert conversion process.

Why Choose Titan Aquatics?

When you trust Titan Aquatics with your pool’s plumbing and equipment needs, you’re choosing a company with:

  • Experience: With over 35 years of combined industry experience, our team knows pools inside and out.
  • Expertise: We specialize in pool plumbing and equipment services, ensuring high-quality, professional results.
  • Communication: We keep you informed every step of the way, explaining the process and answering any questions you may have.
  • Guarantee: We stand behind our work with a 1-year warranty on all workmanship, offering you peace of mind.

Don’t let underground leaks or equipment failures keep you from enjoying your pool. Contact Titan Aquatics today for expert pool plumbing and equipment services, and let us keep your pool in top shape.

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